Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo mania spreads to your home computer

Da Vinci on CD and on the net

Never mind the “Last Supper” restoration hype; a severe attack of "Leonardomania" is sweeping the net: the priceless Codex Atlanticus has emerged from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana; the "Lady with the ermine" has been exhibited in Rome, Milan and Florence; an exhibition of the artist's most celebrated drawings has been to Turin. Now the works of the Renaissance master come to you in your own home.

First, there is Leonardo: la vita e le opere (Operating system MS Windows 3.1 Pc 486, 486DX 66 Mhz; 8 mb of RAM Reader CD-Rom 4x, Monitor Svga, 640x480), produced by Acta. This CD-Rom, with 200 pictures, captions and one hour of music, was created to survey the artist's entire corpus. The user can choose to visit "La vita", "Le opere" or "Il gioco".

The second title on Leonardo is Leonardo a Torino (Win/Mac) Pc 486 (486DX 66 Mhz); 8 mb of RAM. Reader CD-Rom 4x. Monitor Svga (640x480). The CD describes in detail the large collection of drawings in Turin, from the angel in the "Virgin of the Rocks" to the celebrated self-portrait.

The third CD-Rom is part of the series on art by Giunti Multimedia/Ed. Repubblica (Piattaforma: PC/Windows-Macintosh). This is popular because it is simple, yet profound.

More than 200 sites on the internet are devoted to Leonardo. We recommend, one of the most extensive sites for information on the genius.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Leonardo mania'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 94 July 1999