Art storage


Where no one can hear him Scream—Norway buries digital copies of Munch and other treasures in Arctic shelter

The Norwegian National Museum is "futureproofing" its entire collection from natural disasters, hackers and war


Demand for New York's first freeport facility steps up

Increasing numbers of dealers and collectors take advantage of tax-exempt Arcis, the foreign trade zone in Harlem

Art storage

As banks shut down vaults, safety deposit boxes lure in collectors

Political uncertainty has seen a rise in the use of private security boxes for art, jewellery and collectibles

Art market

Art storage demands flare as California fires rage

Calls for emergency art storage are putting pressure on art shipment and insurance firms


Paris mayor wants to turn city into ‘refuge’ for works in conflict zones

Anne Hidalgo’s plan, which has drawn fire, involves storing items threatened by conflict in buildings owned by the city authority

Frieze New York

New $50m art warehouse opens in Harlem—with Foreign-Trade Zone status

Arcis's 110,000 sq. ft art-storage facility in New York boasts the latest in high-tech security

Joseph Beuys

German gallery tries to block sale of works by Joseph Beuys

Director says moving the pieces, installed by the artist, would be a “catastrophe”

Harvard Art Museums

Harvard’s barcode revolution: the University makes plans to digitise its huge art collection

By 2007 Harvard will be able to tracks the collection digitally, and everything will be accessible