In the frame

Brian May of Queen presents demonic diableries images in a Halloween spectacle

Brian May courtesy Nicole Ettinger

A chilling Halloween spectacle was held earlier this week (29 October) at Soho Century Club in London where Queen guitarist Brian May presented devils, satyrs and skeletons in a one-off event focused on diableries which seeped into the public consciousness from the 1860s to the 1890s. These 3D scenes, pioneered in France, take shape through a stereoscope, providing in-your-face views of the underworld that send a shiver down the spine. The club was “transformed into a gothic Victorian crypt of temptation and seduction” the organisers say, throwing light on these devilish creations. The ghostly exhibition marked the launch of the complete edition of Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell (published by the London Stereoscopic Company), compiled by May and fellow diableries afficionadoes Paula Fleming and Denis Pellerin. Crucially, the trio have tracked down the last two Diableries cards in existence (there are 182 in total). May exhibited a selection of his original Diableries cards along with some of his most intricate stereoscopes as part of the scaaaary Halloween presentation. For more information: go to