Is a romantic dinner in the company of Klimt’s The Kiss an option—or not?

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1907-08) wikimedia

How would you like to propose under Klimt’s The Kiss, one of the most romantic and famous paintings of the 20th century? The Vienna Tourist Board has been promoting this attraction in its annual magazine, stating that “at the Belvedere, guests can enjoy a private dinner in front of Klimt’s famous painting The Kiss, and even take the opportunity to make a romantic marriage proposal”. Presumably this exclusive offering comes with a hefty fee. But when we asked, a Belvedere museum spokesman said that “we do not offer such thing as a private dinner in front of Klimt's Kiss”. The tourist board rebutted this, telling us that “at the time of the publication of the 2019 Vienna Journal the information was correct”. The Belvedere then responded that dinner with The Kisswas “not available last year or in previous years”. Let’s hope there is more agreement between romantic partners than between the authorities tasked with welcoming visitors to Vienna’s outstanding art treasures.