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Nudes at the Palais de Tokyo (and they're not on the walls)

Baring all: naturists are welcome at the Palais de Tokyo courtesy Anna Wanda Gogusey

Fancy visiting the Palais de Tokyo in your birthday suit? The Parisian contemporary art centre has teamed up with a naturists' association—the Association des Naturistes de Paris—to organise a nude visit on 5 May. The private visit is not announced on the website of the Palais de Tokyo, only on that of the association which boasts that it is “a premiere in France”. The free visit starts at 9.30am and takes place before the venue opens to the public at noon. Inscription for the event, limited to 150 places, is already closed. “The majority of inscriptions are young women aged between 20-30,” the association's spokesperson says. “We have a waiting list of several hundred people, and thousands on Facebook who have shown their interest.” The association, which also organises naturist water polo, bike rides, bowling and picnics, hopes to “enlarge its cultural activity” and inspire other art venues to get involved.