Maggi Hambling

The Year in Review 2020

The best and worst art world moments in 2020

It was tempting to simply put “everything and everyone” in the bad-year column. But even this most challenging of years was not entirely terrible


Contemporary public art: who is it for?

Plus, Tom Sachs on Mondrian's Broadway Boogie-Woogie

Diary of an art historian

People see only 'silver tits' and 'bouffant pubes' now—but I predict Mary Wollstonecraft sculpture will become widely admired

One of the iron rules of art history is that the more derided a work of art at first, the more celebrated it will become

Public sculpture

Twitter explodes with debate around long-awaited statue of feminist trailblazer Mary Wollstonecraft

Sculpture by Maggi Hambling is the result of a decade-long campaign to honour the 18th-century women's rights advocate


What does the Philip Guston delay tell us about museums and race?

Plus, Maggi Hambling on making love with paint

In the frame

Fashionable move: Sarabande foundation partners with Lapada fair

The Buck stopped here

Five go wild in Hastings: Hambling, Lucas and co are celebrated at the UK's Jerwood Gallery

In the frame

Ask the artist—how to find your way in the big, bad art world


Murdered Mexican women remembered in portrait show

Artists such as Tracey Emin, Paula Rego and Maggi Hambling have produced campaigning images

Maggi Hambling

Books: The life, times and conversation of Maggi Hambling, “the female Francis Bacon”

The first chart of Hambling’s extraordinary 60 years

Michael Jackson

News from London: Battersea gets its shots and Michael Jackson is barred from RA

Maggi Hambling’s portrait of the singer is rejected from the Summer Show, while Tracey Emin goes on the wagon