Diary of an art historian

People see only 'silver tits' and 'bouffant pubes' now—but I predict Mary Wollstonecraft sculpture will become widely admired

One of the iron rules of art history is that the more derided a work of art at first, the more celebrated it will become

Public sculpture

Twitter explodes with debate around long-awaited statue of feminist trailblazer Mary Wollstonecraft

Sculpture by Maggi Hambling is the result of a decade-long campaign to honour the 18th-century women's rights advocate


In honour of Armistice Day, more than 100 English war memorials listed as sites of historical importance

Monuments commemorating the First and Second World Wars—mostly built in small towns and villages—are added to Historic England's list of protected places


Petition launched to replace Confederate monument in South Carolina with statue of actor Chadwick Boseman

Many say he "opened doors" for black people in the arts and artists like Toyin Ojih Odutola have created works honouring the the 43-year-old Black Panther actor, who died last week

Museums & Heritage

Germany's Holocaust memorial sites fight against surge in far-right threats

Former concentration camps are being increasingly drawn into culture wars by “normal-looking” people challenging guides and disrupting tours


'Intrusive addition': Antony Gormley’s memorial to mathematician Alan Turing draws fire

Some critics support the proposed sculpture for Cambridge University while others question the competition process

Art Basel in Miami Beach 2019

Memorialising an American tragedy

Survivors, artists and lawmakers debate if public memorials to mass shootings in the US hurt more than they help


‘Public art is propaganda, frankly’: Hank Willis Thomas discusses gun violence and the urgent need for alternative memorials

A host of the artist’s exhibitions and public projects open in various locations across the US open this year

Museums & Heritage

Battered London tomb of the great French tightrope walker Blondin restored

The 19th-century daredevil is most famous for crossing Niagara Falls 17 times—once with a stove on which he cooked an omelette

Art Basel in Miami Beach

Doris Salcedo's army of women reshape the meaning of guerrilla weapons

Some of the 15,000 women who were raped or sexually assaulted during the 53-year war in Colombia are telling their stories through a new memorial

Public art

Public sculpture will commemorate Chattanooga lynching victim 100 years on

Memorial part of push for new works that challenge history of white supremacy in the US

Frieze 2017

Kiluanji Kia Henda: The right way to fill a city’s plinths

The Frieze Artist Award winner brings an Angolan take on the public sculpture debate


German parliament approves plan for unification memorial in Berlin

“Unity seesaw” is to be unveiled in 2019 in front of the city palace


Jeff Koons unveils plans for a memorial to the victims of the Paris terror attacks

But funding still needs to be found for Bouquet of Tulips, which is modelled on the Statue of Liberty


US presidents and Taiwan back Eisenhower Memorial

Frank Gehry revises controversial design but the family of the soldier and statesman remains unimpressed


Four years on and Norway is still divided on massacre memorial

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg's monument, which calls for a slice of the Sørbråten peninsula to be cut out like “an open wound”, was due for completion in July

December 2012

Eisenhower's heirs attack Gehry’s plans for memorial to the late US president

The family is objecting to the "extravagant" scheme

March 2012

Memorials to Norway massacre victims prove divisive

Artist Nico Widerberg’s sculptures welcomed by many, but the way an anonymous donor is funding them upsets others


Former US president Bill Clinton opens memorial to massacred Muslims in Bosnia

The monument is dedicated to the thousands killed in Srebrenica when the city fell to Bosnian Serbs in July 1995

February 2003

Memorials multiply in the US

We take stock of the mania for commemoration that has overtaken New York and Washington, DC

Kazimir Malevich

Moscow property development threatens site of Malevich grave

Local authorities have not been sympathetic towards Malevich's estate where he was buried