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Museums & Heritage

New York’s Met renounces ‘outdated’ divisions of encyclopaedic museums for its 150th anniversary

Awaiting reopening, the institution’s birthday displays reveal the interconnectedness of world cultures


Coronavirus complicates US Census—and the arts funding tied to it

Art + Action has launched a multi-pronged initiative to reach Bay Area residents in hard-to-count communities, and galvanise the art world to get behind the national headcount


Free arts education programme started in Harlem expands to major US cities

ProjectArt fills a void in the American public school system, adding initiatives in New Orleans and San Francisco this autumn

Art market

Artist-led groups battle to stem gentrification in New York

Ambitious new developments in Manhattan’s Lower East Side threaten the vibrant community

Commercial galleries

'You can’t do this by yourself': in a lean market, New York's smaller galleries stick together

Younger dealers share experiences and expertise to survive the middle-market squeeze

National Academy of Design

New York's National Academy of Design has no plans to reopen its museum

After weathering financial and structural crises, the institution is looking for new ways to fulfil its mission

New York real estate

Artists and dealers resist the development of New York’s Chinatown

The coalition Art Against Displacement rallies against the construction of four contested luxury towers in a Manhattan Supreme Court hearing today

The Armory Show

From grit to glitter: a look back at 25 years of The Armory Show

The Gramercy International Art Fair was the edgy alternative to establishment fairs when it first began—reimagined as The Armory Show, it has grown into an economic juggernaut

Commercial galleries

New York’s scrapped L-train shutdown is an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ for Brooklyn-based galleries

Many art dealers have made tough business decisions over the last year as plans to repair the vital transportation link between Brooklyn and Manhattan shifted

Art fairs

Dealers cash in on San Francisco’s wealth of museums at Untitled Art and FOG fairs

The Bay Area collector base may be known for its tech-mined millions but institutions fuelled sales at the growing West Coast fairs

Climate Change

How museums in Norfolk, Virginia, are acting to protect art in face of growing flood risk

Institutions are finding ways to adapt to climate change as scientists predict that the Virginia city could be under water by 2100

Art market

Dealers turn to digital apps to help close sales

FaceTime and WeChat are shifting how collectors choose to buy

Art market

Art dealers across the US are mobilising in support of Democrats ahead of US mid-term elections

Galleries in New York and Los Angeles make the most of their cultural and financial capital